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Pilates is a mind body exercise system developed by the late Joseph H. Pilates.  Joe Pilates spent his lifetime developing and evolving his program which he called, “Contrology”.  It is an exercise system based on the fundamental idea that the mind can control the body’s movements so that movement is functionally safe and effective.

Pilates does not use a lot of resistance beyond the body’s own weight and gravity.  One is reliant on his or her own body awareness and control to perform the work well.  The exercises are done both on a mat and using specialized equipment invented by Joe Pilates.


Pilates emphasizes core strength (core being the deep muscles of the trunk) and overall mind body awareness and control.  Pilates may be used to gain physical, mental, and emotional results.


The benefits of Pilates include:


  • improved posture

  • greater sense of balance and control

  • increased energy

  • improved athletic performance

  • increased self esteem

  • improved coordination

  • stronger, leaner physical body


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