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"I have been seeing Ineke for Pilates for 4 years.  I started at her studio in Newark, I was rehabbing from a knee replacement.  My knee was so bad that I couldn't do traditional therapy for it.  With Ineke's knowledge, patience, and expertise, I was able to get back to therapy, and get back to working as a police officer.  I have had 13 knee surgeries, and currently have 3 herniated disks in my back and two in my neck and I'm not a candidate for surgery.  I currently see Ineke at her Pleasant Hill studio 2 times a week, and the pain is subsiding.  I'm a pretty big guy who's done weightlifting all my life and I couldn't be in the gym without maintaining a Pilates regimen.  I recommend Ineke and Mindful Movement Collective Pilates Pleasant Hill to anyone who is in pain or wants to avoid being in pain.  It has been a lifesaver for me!"  -- Mark M.

"Ineke is an extraordinary teacher. Before I found Pilates and Ineke's careful guidance,  I had hunched, stressed shoulders and an achy lower back from all my time spent at a desk for work.  I'm in my 20’s, so you can imagine my fear of these problems compounding as I got older.  I came to Pilates with few expectations but very quickly, my posture improved, back pain vanished, and I became more physically confident and resilient.

Pilates is not just a workout, it's a state of mind. Ineke's greatest gift to me as her student has been physical awareness (mindfulness).  After working with her, I begun to notice how my body was moving (or not moving) and how these patterns were contributing to imbalances and discomfort.  To self-correct and take an active role in how my body moves and presents itself has been incredibly empowering.

Pilates is certainly an investment but I consider it an absolute necessity.  I intend to get many active, pain free years out of my body and Pilates is the regular tuneup that I'm certain will go a long way towards this goal.

Ineke and all of the wonderful instructors at Mindful Movement Collective treat each body on its own terms and are incredibly knowledgeable and gifted teachers.  The East Bay is very lucky to have this center as a resource!"  -- Angelique M.

“I can’t believe how totally unaware of my body I was when I first came to Mindful Movement – shoulders rounded, head dropping from too much staring at computer screens.  In those first few private sessions, you gently taught me how to listen to myself, regain my balance, and strengthen muscles I didn’t know I had.  Pilates has given me a new sense of confidence and a feeling of well-being.” -- Glennda C.

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